Liechtenstein Tax Highlights

In the heart of Europe

Located in the heart of Europe and as a member of the European Economic Area, Liechtenstein serves as a hub for multinational corporations of multiple industries. Thanks to a longstanding history and a competitive legislation, Liechtenstein is home to many banks, insurances, wealth managers and family offices. Especially in the area of asset protection and wealth management, Liechtenstein has been able to maintain a competitive edge.

Basic information


  • GDP – CHF 6.1 billion
  • Population – 38,000
  • Relevant international agreements – European Economic Area, European Free Trade Association, Schengen Area, customs union with Switzerland
  • Currency – Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Principal entities – corporation (AG), limited liability company (GmbH), foundation (Stiftung), establishment (Anstalt), trust (Treuhänderschaft) and trust reg. (Treuunternehmen)
  • Accounting principles – Liechtenstein GAAP financial statements must be prepared annually in CHF, EUR or USD.


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